Do's and don'ts for hygiene visits: Reinforce the hygiene habit

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Many patients looking for ways to economize have decided they can skip hygiene visits and go to the dentist only if there's a dental problem. They undervalue preventive care and overestimate their ability to detect an issue that needs professional attention. With education, practices can overcome these misconceptions and build value for regular hygiene visits.


Build value in the minds of patients. Make it clear that the hygiene visit is much more than "just a cleaning" -- that it includes periodontal exams and maintenance, the removal of potentially harmful plaque and calculus, screening for oral cancer, and other vital services.


Don't forget to discuss the potential harm of skipping checkups. Explain that many potentially serious dental problems will not be obvious to the patient yet can be detected early -- during routine hygiene appointments -- and addressed before they cause significant harm.

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