Do's and don'ts for working remotely

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You may not be seeing patients steadily, but you can still get some work done: Get caught up on paperwork. Research that new equipment you've been wanting. Revamp your collections system. All of the things that get put on the back burner can now go to the top of your list.


Revamp your systems. When you return to your practice following the COVID-19 crisis, it will be essential to run the most efficient and effective systems possible. Start with the revenue-based systems such as collections and insurance. Make sure that you have excellent systems to collect at the time of service, collect overdue accounts, file insurance, and monitor insurance reimbursements.


Don't forget to track overdue patients daily. Every day that practices are closed, there will be more overdue patients. Some practices are rescheduling patients as they go, which is fine but could result in rerescheduling two or even three times. It's probably better to maintain an accurate list of overdue patients and have them rescheduled once you know when you will be back in the office. If necessary, contact your practice management software company. It can recover all patients who do not currently have an appointment, as they can often be hard to identify in the system.

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