Do's and don'ts for entrepreneurship

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You might not have considered this before, but dentists are entrepreneurs. They often start or buy a business that needs to be developed, expanded, systemized, and moved beyond the entrepreneurial stage. However, dentists must remember that being stuck in the entrepreneurial stage is not a good place to be. Staying too long in this stage means the dentist will have a career filled with stress, frustration, staff turnover, and continual distractions. Dentists must take the steps needed to move quickly from being an entrepreneur to having a well-run business.


Implement systems. Systems are the No. 1 factor in dental practice success. They need to be effective, be clearly defined step by step, and have measurements.


Don't forget about the future. Dentists must carve out time to focus on the future growth and development of the practice. Many entrepreneurs have heard the question of whether they are working in the business or on the business. Dentists almost always have to work in the business, creating production through clinical treatment. That is a normal factor of dentistry. But dentists who leave no time to work on the business for future development will not get past the entrepreneurial stage.

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