Do's and don'ts for offering home-care products

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You're the oral healthcare expert for your patients, so you can help them by not only providing sound advice but also products that meet your professional standards. Although you'll bring in some revenue this way, the real benefit is that it will strengthen the practice-patient relationship.


Learn about new technologies from sales representatives. Some of the best sources of information about new products and services are the people charged with selling them. Take advantage of this resource. Though there will be some understandable bias, reps can also provide objective facts and figures, including scientific data, that will help you decide what products are right for your practice and your patients.


Don't forget to evaluate new products thoroughly. The dentist and appropriate team members should be involved in judging whether new products will benefit the practice and its patients. Determine if a product will improve patient care, enhance customer service, save time, or reduce costs. Also, determine if it will be easy to learn how to use -- or if it will be used often enough to make the purchase worthwhile.

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