Do's and don'ts for recovery

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Ever since the pandemic occurred, I have named recovery as the No. 1 area of focus for dental practices. Excellent academic work done over the years recommends that the best way to turn around a business is to focus on a small number of essential areas of the business or practice. Working on the essentials will ensure a faster, better, and deeper recovery.


Go beyond reactivating patients. During much of the early stages of the pandemic, I strongly conveyed my belief that reactivation of patients was the single most critical factor for maintaining the highest possible level of practice production. Prior to COVID-19, reactivation focused on contacting patients who hadn't been in the practice for 18 months. Reactivation now includes any and all patients who do not have their next scheduled appointment.


Don't forget about cancellations and no-shows. Practices must clearly communicate how important it is that patients keep appointments and contact the practice 48 hours in advance if they must cancel. Practices should also create a set of scripts for communicating the consequences of not showing up at all. Although the goal is never to lose patients, Levin Group's study of "habitual" no-show patients from the past 10 years shows they cause practices to lose money.

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