Do's and don'ts for branding

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Factors that make your practice special and unique are known as your competitive advantages, and they help determine your practice's brand. They are a powerful way to convince patients in your community that your office is their best choice.


Ask your patients about your brand. It's hard for most dental practices to justify investing in market research. But there's an alternative and reliable way to figure out how to market your practice: Ask your existing patients why they come to you and what they like about the practice. These are people who are actively choosing your brand. Surveying them will give you a clear picture of what to promote to prospective patients.


Don't forget to promote the practice's brand. A strong brand attracts new patients and keeps current patients coming back, which results in long-term growth and success. Emphasize what differentiates your practice on your website, in other marketing messages, at community events, and in interactions with current patients. Give prospective patients reasons to come to your practice and existing patients reasons to stay.

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