Do's and don'ts for the practice vision

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The practice vision enables a dental practice to clearly focus on its objectives. It maps out a clear direction for your practice over the next three years so that the doctor and the team can enjoy the highest levels of satisfaction. The excitement of pursuing a realistic vision makes working in the practice a more rewarding experience.


Set goals that will help achieve your practice vision. Once you have a written vision statement, come up with specific annual goals that will serve as mileposts on the path to fulfilling your vision. Written down and shared with your team, they'll provide powerful motivation.


Don't forget to memorize the practice's vision. Your practice will achieve greater success more quickly if everyone on the team knows what success looks like. That's what a vision statement provides. Created and shared by the doctor, the vision shows where the practice should be in three years. By memorizing it, you'll be inspired to make it a reality.

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