Do's and don'ts for creating a patient-centric culture

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To create a more vibrant, patient-friendly atmosphere in your practice, you need to become the chief culture officer (CCO). The CCO defines the culture for the organization and constantly works to ensure that the staff operates within that cultural framework. As the leader, you are the only person who can fulfill that role in your office.


Ask this critical question. To create a patient-centric culture, filter every practice decision through one simple question: How will this affect the patient? This habit creates the foundation for providing "Wow!" customer service. A practice with a patient-centric culture creates an enjoyable environment, adds and improves services, and assists patients in nonclinical areas, such as dealing with insurance or making convenient appointments.


Don't expect your team to do it without your leadership. As the CCO, you must be the perfect example of what it means to be patient-centric. By modeling how to interact with patients, encouraging other team members, and not tolerating negativity about patients, you set the tone and show the way every day.

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