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Dear DrBicuspid Member,

It's an honor to be the editor in chief of DrBicuspid.com. Dental publications have been part of my life since I came into the industry in 1999, and I'm honored to take the reins of such a well-known and well-respected voice in the dental sphere.

Like my predecessor, Tony Edwards (a great journalist and human being), I believe that DrBicuspid.com should be about journalism and reporting to dentists and dental team members on news of interest and also stories that will help them improve as dental professionals.

I also believe in the power of team, which is one of the reasons why I will also continue to speak throughout the dental industry and continue to serve as the co-founder for IgniteDA.net, a free community designed to empower, enlighten, and educate dental assistants. Make sure your dental assistants know about this free resource to help enhance their careers!

Speaking of dental assistants, I wrote an article this week about three skills that I believe they all should have -- to not only love their career more but also to become a bigger part of the practice's bottom line.

Another person who believes in the power of team is Dr. David Rice, the founder of IgniteDDS. His team is one of the reasons why his upstate New York practice is so successful, as well as his desire to make sure the materials he uses in his practice are the most up to date that they can be. With that in mind, he lets you in on the rising trend of injection molding composite in this article, complete with a video explanation.

In other clinical news, the ADA just released a new guideline on the use of antibiotics, stating that they are not recommended for most toothaches for managing urgent dental pain and swelling. Instead, antibiotics should be reserved for patients with systemic conditions, such as fever, brought on by dental conditions.

Finally, it's been a wild week with dentistry and the law. One of our top stories for the week was a ruling that a periodontist in New Jersey has to pay $1.3 million in a malpractice case. In another big story, a Canadian judge awarded $5.6 million to a dentist who claimed that a botched vision-correction surgery ruined his career.

We've also covered everything from a toothpaste secret-stealer to a periodontist's big malpractice case to the ongoing back-and-forth between SmileDirectClub and the Dental Board of California.

Wishing you a tremendous rest of the weekend ahead!

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