Dental assistant arrested for stealing $45K from elderly patient

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A dental assistant in North Palm Beach, FL, has been arrested for allegedly stealing $45,000 from a 94-year-old patient of the practice where she worked, according to news reports.

Lisa Campbell, 60, was arrested and booked on November 12 at the Palm Beach County Jail. She was released on November 13 after posting a $27,000 bond.

She was charged with three counts each of grand theft of a person older than 65, uttering a forgery instrument, and criminal use of personal identification, according to reports.

Campbell was working at a dental office in 2017 when she befriended the patient. Their friendship led Campbell to start helping the woman with errands. Then, Campbell allegedly began writing checks to herself from the patient's bank account.

At one point, Campbell attempted to give a $45,000 check to a lawyer, saying the funds were gifts from the woman, but she felt bad about taking the money and wanted to give it back.

She told investigators that the woman wrote her the checks because she "wanted to do something nice for her." Eventually, she admitted to writing the checks herself because she was having money problems, according to reports.

An attorney representing the patient's interests has said her guardians continue to look for cash and jewelry that have gone missing from her home.

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