Woman gets prison for stealing $625K from dental office

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A woman who was the bookkeeper and receptionist at a dental office in Virginia was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to stealing approximately $625,000 from the practice. Her husband also was involved in the theft and received probation, according to news reports.

Caren Irsuto pleaded guilty on December 3 to aggravated identity theft and theft for her role in stealing $625,525 from her employer, Joseph Favia, DDS, of Favia Family Dental in Arlington Heights, during a six-year period. The 56-year-old was sentenced to six years in prison in exchange for her plea.

Her husband, Scott Irsuto, was sentenced to 24 months of probation in exchange for pleading guilty to theft.

Dr. Favia, who told the court he treated all employees like family, noticed something wasn't right in 2016 when business increased but revenues didn't. This led the dentist to remove Irsuto from her position and hire a consultant.

On a Sunday, shortly after he let her go, Dr. Favia saw the couple in his practice's parking lot. The dentist said he called to ask the woman why they were there, but he had no further communication with her.

Eventually, authorities discovered that his former employee failed to deposit 1,464 checks. Instead, the couple cashed them at currency exchanges, a gas station, and a local bar and deposited the money in their own bank account.

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