Podcast: The mindset of the dental assistant during the COVID-19 crisis

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After spending years talking to dental assistants throughout the world, I've never heard some of the strong emotions being expressed by these valuable team members more than I have over the past couple of weeks.

Some dental assistants who have been furloughed or let go by their practice have told me they are wondering what their future holds. They're wondering if they will return to their former practice, if given the chance, and if they even want to be a part of dentistry in the weeks and months to come.

No, that's not every dental assistant. However, through IgniteDA, David Rice, DDS, and I have heard it enough to know that getting a team back together when dental practices are preparing to open again may not be as easy as many think it will be.

In the most recent episode of the Dental Assistant Nation podcast series, powered by IgniteDA, Dr. Rice and I discuss the current mindset and mentality of the dental assistant. We offer advice to assistants and insight for their doctors as well.

Click below to get our thoughts on a subject that shouldn't be ignored by dentists or assistants.

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