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In this edition of the Insider, we welcome practice management experts the Madow Brothers to DrBicuspid.com. In their latest column, they give five reasons why you aren't seeing the returns from your email campaigns as you should. Follow their advice and you'll see returns.

In his latest Practice Success column, Dr. Roger P. Levin writes that scheduling is one of the most significant indicators of how your practice is functioning. He gives his advice for how to optimize appoints, which can add 13 more production days annually.

Also featured in the Practice Management Community, practice management expert, Sally McKenzie offers five tips to improve collections from patients after dentistry work. As she writes, many practices struggle with collections and that is hurting their bottom line. Her tips offer ways to improve your collections ratio, which should be at 98%.

Dental malpractice insurance expert Jennifer Gibson helps break down the "hammer clause" in her insurance primer. She writes that a hammer clause provision could leave you with a tough choice between choosing the settlement of a claim or the risk of paying a large amount of money out of your own pocket.

The law firm McGuire Woods wrote a two-part series on the advantages of a dental support organization (DSO). In part one, they discuss how DSOs can improve the focus on patient care, serve underserved markets, and follow regulatory compliance. Part two evaluates how a DSO can improve best clinical practices and access to the latest technology.

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