Do’s and don’ts for staying organized

Dr. Roger P. Levin.
Dr. Roger P. Levin.

Practices should do a “head-to-toe” cleaning twice a year. That’s the only way you can stay on top of all the stuff you manage to collect every six months. It’s amazing (and sometimes costly) what accumulates in closets and storage areas in half a year.

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Get organized, or get rid of it. Storage areas take a life of their own. Everyone uses them, but no one is in charge of them, so they quickly become disorganized. Usable supplies get buried behind piles of holiday decorations. Broken and outdated equipment takes up needed space. Assign teams to go through each storage area, reorganizing the contents and disposing of outdated materials and equipment.

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Don’t forget your desk. Too many dentists’ desks are piled high with folders and files, like a government office from the 1950s. If that describes your desk, it’s time to get rid of the clutter. Put files back in their proper places, dispose of junk mail, shred dated reports, and organize any remaining documents. A clean desk makes it easier to get work done!

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