Cigna launches new dental plans

Cigna has launched a new series of dental HMO plans that focus on preventive dental care services, the company announced.

Under the new plans, up to four routine cleanings a year -- two at no cost and two for minimal co-pays -- are covered when recommended by the dentist. Children are covered for two fluoride treatments a year. The plans also do away with the requirement that cleanings be done at least six months apart.

The plans have no age limit on sealants, no referrals are needed for orthodontic care, and no referrals are needed for care by a network pediatric dentist for children younger than 7. They also offer coverage for procedures that help detect oral cancer early.

"If you need to have a cavity filled, on average the cost would be $115 or more without insurance, compared to low or no cost with our dental HMO plan," said Miles Hall, D.D.S., M.B.A., chief dental clinical director for Cigna, in a press release. "Waiting too long to treat a small cavity could mean you'd pay many times more for more costly dental procedures, such as a root canal, and spend more time away from work and personal life to recover. The key message we're sending with the new plan designs is 'prevention matters, so don't wait.' "

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