Dos and don'ts for practice finance: Finding the right dental lab

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Most dentists have a good relationship with their dental laboratory. However, that relationship is sometimes more the result of a habit than a carefully considered decision.

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Look for labs that want your business. A good dental lab should be able to educate their doctors concerning everything from restorations to preparation to materials. The right lab is a partner in the practice. This partnership can help reduce the number of remakes and problematic cases. In an era when so many new supplies, materials, and technologies are emerging, practices are having difficulty keeping up. When the lab can provide education, the burden on the dentist is reduced.

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Don't settle for one lab only. Labs can range dramatically in costs. Overspending on a lab case without realizing that the same quality result can often be achieved at another lab for a lower cost can seriously affect practice profit. Given that dental lab expenses are a large contributor to practice overhead, it is an important area to review and consider.

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