Dos and don'ts for insurance: Maximize insurance benefits for patients

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Every year, patients leave an enormous amount of potential dental insurance benefits on the table, unused and lost forever. Whatever your attitude about insurers, you owe it to your patients -- and to your practice -- to do what you can to help them take full advantage of available dental coverage.


Do present a covered-treatment plan for the year. Start the insurance year the right way by presenting each insured patient with a treatment plan that addresses their oral health needs and makes the most of their coverage. Whether or not the treatment proposed is accepted, the patient will appreciate the attention and concern this demonstrates.


Don't let benefits go unused. A few months before the end of the current coverage year for a patient, the practice should place a courtesy call reminding the patient about remaining potential benefits and offering to schedule any covered treatment that is in keeping with their oral health needs. As with the "year ahead" discussion, this year-end alert will be very much appreciated.

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