Do's and don'ts for building your team

Dentistry, like many industries today, has staffing challenges. The best way to avoid these challenges is to keep your team, continually help them grow in skills and performance, and create an environment where people want to stay. Longer-term teams will perform well, leading to high-performance practices and very satisfying careers for everyone.

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Be transparent. Allowing the team to truly be part of the practice means that they are aware of what is happening in real time. Many dentists are careful not to discuss certain elements of the practice with the team. Team members who do not feel included have much less commitment to the practice and feel that they are unappreciated. Once again, this can lead to staff turnover. Unless there is an issue so secretive that no one can possibly know about it with severe negative consequences, it is important to be transparent with the team. Transparency can take place in many ways, but there should be a summary of what is happening in the practice at every monthly business meeting or staff meeting.

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Don't forget education. Give your team opportunities to gain experience through education, training from sales representatives or trainers, or courses, workshops, and webinars. Most dental staff members will never move to new positions as often happens in big business. The antidote is then to give them an opportunity to grow in their positions and the excitement of knowing they are contributing and doing a better and better job.

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