Do's and don'ts for building an efficient practice

We are entering an era where dental practices need to be highly efficient. It is difficult to be efficient when systems in the practice are complicated, convoluted, or bloated.

Simplicity is the key to achieving maximum efficiency, and team members play a key role in accomplishing this. Simplicity is a topic that is focused on at most business schools. Businesses in general have become overly complex. The key to reducing complexity in a dental business lies in excellent team training.

Practice Success Do

Make sure every team member knows exactly what they are to do. The word "exactly" means exactly that -- black and white, no room for misinterpretation, this is what must get done and this is when it must be completed.

Practice Success Dont

Don't forget to tell everyone exactly what results are expected. You should not expect people to perform well if they do not know what results are expected. The exact result is the exact result, and if you can put a number on it, that makes it even better by far.

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