5 strategies to increase dental office manager job satisfaction

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An imperative part of any dental practice, office managers handle refining and implementing processes, having a pulse on finances, influencing policies and procedures, and creating an efficient and profitable practice. You might say they are the "unsung hero" of the practice. Today's successful practice leader understands the pivotal role office managers play and should focus on ensuring that they are satisfied in their work to retain top talent.

With that in mind, here are five tried and true strategies you can implement now to show your gratitude and support for all they do, all while improving your practice when things return to normal.

1. Encourage continuing education training

Christine Alfano is the senior director of corporate and dental channel marketing at Vyne.Christine Alfano is the senior director of corporate and dental channel marketing at Vyne.

Companies that provide learning opportunities generate more than 25% more revenue per employee, according to the eLearning Company. A challenge many office managers face is keeping up with changes and regulations of payors. Consider letting them attend educational sessions to address this area, and allow them to select other training courses or conferences to attend. More than likely, office managers will feel more in control of their career and be able to focus on other important practice tasks.

2. Be open to evolution

Employees want to know they have the potential to grow within an organization. Create a clear path of growth for your office manager, outlining the key milestones and goals that must be achieved at each level. Also, encourage creativity. As your office manager is learning and growing, let him or her know you will listen to ideas, suggestions, and concerns.

3. Engage and recognize

It is important to engage on personal and professional levels. Showing interest in the personal lives of office managers makes them feel as if they matter beyond their daily roles in the practice. Professionally, take the time to offer encouragement when things go well and even when they do not.

4. Create a thriving culture

Provide coaching on stress management and create a culture that supports laughter and friendships among employees. Share your vision for the practice and let the office manager, and other employees, inform and influence how you achieve goals.

5. Equip your practice with technology

To make your practice more efficient and compliant, consider what technology applications can support your office manager. Ask for input and empower him or her to put together recommendations based on the most critical needs. An investment is most likely required but will pay off in dividends in the future.

What's in it for you?

Increasing job satisfaction leads to lower turnover rates. This is extremely important for the future of your practice.

Here is why:

  • Better relationships with patients
  • Decreased recruiting time and onboarding costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Deeper investment in achieving practice goals

Understanding the value your dental office manager brings to your practice is the first step in showing gratitude for his or her work and supporting your team member's personal and professional development.

There are many ways to cultivate happy employees, and these five strategies are the perfect way to begin building a path for employee growth and well-being.

Christine Alfano is the senior director of marketing for Vyne and leads corporate and dental channel marketing for the organization. FastAttach software is a HITRUST CSF-certified electronic claim attachment solution by NEA Powered by Vyne, a recognized leader in the dental industry delivering operational efficiency and financial performance for providers and payors. NEA partners with more than 750 dental plans and payers to enable practices to exchange supporting documentation in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Learn more at www.nea-fast.com.

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