Do's and don'ts for motivating your team

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As leaders, doctors can motivate others in many ways. Some use the power of their personality. Others educate their team with practice goals. Regardless of the technique, good leaders figure out how to motivate each individual and the staff as a whole. When team members are fully engaged in the success of the practice, they can accomplish great things.


Encourage each team member to think about his or her motivating factors. It is very beneficial when going into an annual performance review to have a good idea about what motivates you. What would you like to see in the practice that would inspire you, energize you, and allow for a positive attitude every day? This is a great discussion to have when you're talking to office managers and determining what improvements can be made in the practice.


Don't forget to inspire your team. Start your morning meeting off with something inspirational. Provide a motivational quote, quick tip, or words of encouragement and set the stage for a great day.

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