Do’s and don’ts for positive thinking

Positive thinking may be one of the most powerful ways to influence your future and success. I believe that we become what we think about, and when we think about improvement, we find books, seminars, internet information, or even coaches that can help us to get there. Positive thinking opens your mind to possibilities.

Practice Success Do

“Fake” it. You got out of bed this morning and don’t really feel positive. Your normal high energy is just not there. Should you show everyone how you really feel or bring your A game to the practice? We believe you should bring your A game. Keep in mind that you have a strong influence on those around you, and your job is to make them the best they can be.

Practice Success Dont

Stamp out negativity. It seems that every day and month is dedicated to being the national “something” day or national “something” month. Why not have a Stamp Out Negativity day or month in your practice? Negative comments cannot be made and if they are, they are met with positive responses.

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