Do’s and don’ts for new team members

You’ve taken the time in your hiring process to select the right team member and today is their first day. If you want them to thrive in their new environment and truly become a valuable part of the practice for years to come, you could leave them to their own devices. Set them up for success with a plan of training and mentoring that will ensure their success so that they can contribute to your practice’s success.

Practice Success Do

Assign a liaison for a new hire. When you bring a new hire into the practice, assign them a liaison from the team for six months. Doing so gives the new hire someone to go to with questions, clarifications, or concerns. The goal is to increase team longevity.

Practice Success Dont 

Don’t forget to meet with a new hire weekly. For the first six weeks, let the new hire know you’ll have a 10-minute meeting with them weekly just to check in. It is not a performance review or improvement conference but simply a check-in to see how things are going and clarify anything that needs to be better understood. 

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