Dentists, dental team members share 'Why I Dental'

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Dental Lifeline Network (DLN) is celebrating its 50th anniversary and in conjunction with its golden anniversary, DLN is reflecting on the many contributions made to oral health and the countless lives that have been changed over the years, as well as the thousands of individuals, corporations, foundations, and labs that have helped it along the way. Since its inception, DLN has helped over 166,000 individuals get the life-changing care they deserve ... with dignity.

'Why I Dental'

DLN's volunteers and supporters across the country are sharing "Why I Dental" in the hopes of encouraging their colleagues to join them in volunteering for DLN. With that in mind, DLN is announcing the "Why I Dental" campaign. The new campaign encourages dentists to live their "why" and do good together through DLN.

Top 5 reasons 'Why I Dental' -- Chicago Midwinter video collection

Confidence and self-esteem

There is a profound effect that dental health has on individuals' confidence and self-esteem. Empowering people to feel better about themselves and their appearance can open new doors in their lives. 

"I can restore confidence in my patients."

Provide life-changing care

It is easy to find fulfillment in addressing patients' dental health issues. Helping individuals regain their self-confidence and improve their quality of life has a lasting impact. 

"To increase the overall life expectancy and the quality of life for people."

Access to care

Providing access to dental care for those who cannot afford it is a driving force for many oral healthcare professionals. They recognize the importance of ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to receive essential dental treatments and services.

"We need to provide access to care for those who can't get access to care themselves."


Most individuals are driven by the transformative impact of their work. They witness firsthand how dental care positively changes people's lives, from improving their oral health to enhancing their overall well-being.

"To transform lives through dentistry."

Community impact

Many people believe in the power of dentistry to positively impact lives and contribute to overall health, and they enjoy giving back. It is rewarding to make a difference in their communities. 

"I have a heart for service to help patients in need."

Watch the responses gathered at the recent Chicago Midwinter Meeting to the question of "Why I Dental" below.

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