Do's and don'ts for customer service

A dental practice that can achieve five-star customer service will have a distinctive advantage from other practices. Consider the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain, Disney theme parks, and Nordstrom department stores. Customer service is part of the DNA of those companies and has been one of the most important factors of their success.

Practice Success Do

Discuss customer service every day. Practice leaders should comment on customer services several times a day. Staff members should also focus on it and talk about it every single day. It should be one of the first agenda items for every staff meeting to discuss how well the practice is doing and where it needs to improve.

Practice Success Dont

Don't forget to check in with patients. At Levin Group, we love data, and we love to measure statistics like production, production per patient, and so on. But it is difficult to measure customer service. The single best way to do it is not statistical. Just have the front desk staff ask every parent or patient this simple question, "How was your visit today?" Most of the time, you will get delightful answers, but if you don’t, you should discuss it at the next staff meeting. 

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