Oral health program for substance-use disorder patients to start

Drug Paraphenalia

The University of Massachusetts (UMass) Chan Medical School has received a $93,071 grant from the nonprofit RIZE Massachusetts to launch an oral health intervention program for providers treating people with substance use disorder (SUD).  

The program, which aims to address contributing factors of the overdose crisis and increase accessibility and equality in substance use treatment services, can be used in outreach settings to address the oral health of individuals experiencing substance abuse, according to a press release dated January 4 from RIZE.  

Individuals dealing with substance abuse disorders often experience oral health problems related to the substances they use along with poor diets and a lack of personal hygiene related to drug use, yet they encounter difficulties accessing oral care services, according to the press release.

“For people to truly turn the corner and be able to gain confidence, hold down a job, and just be able to smile with friends, they need to be able to improve their oral health and that’s what this grant is all about,” Dr. Hugh Silk, MPH, of UMass, said in the release.  

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