Week in Review: Don't be afraid of SDF; plus teeth whitening and tooth fairy science

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

Thinking about adding silver diamine fluoride (SDF) to your caries treatment tool kit? A family dentist told a packed room at the recent 2017 ADA annual meeting in Atlanta that SDF needs the same thoughtful use and treatment planning as you would deliver with any treatment. Learn more here.

Also this week on DrBicuspid.com, one of periodontist Dr. Alvin Danenberg's patients emailed him asking what could be done to get his teeth "really white really fast." This is probably a question you've heard from patients in your practice. What do you say to them? Dr. Danenberg walks you through his response. Read more here.

Does periodontal disease in pregnant women lead to miscarriages? If mothers-to-be are exposed to fluoride, will their children have low IQs? Such findings are often the result of "tooth fairy science," and dental professionals should be skeptical when reading this type of research, according to another talk at ADA 2017. Learn more here.

Even the best job can turn into a grind occasionally. What are you doing to keep your team motivated and focused during the last quarter of the year? When was the last time you did something unexpected and positive for the team? Read Dr. Roger P. Levin's advice here.

Have you joined your colleagues in voting for the DrBicuspid Dental Excellence Awards? You can vote for finalists in 10 categories, including Best New CAD/CAM Product, Best New Preventive/Hygienist Product, and more. Learn more here.

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