Do's and don'ts for leadership: Inspiring the team

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Even the best job can turn into a grind occasionally. What are you doing to keep your team motivated and focused during the last quarter of the year? When was the last time you did something unexpected and positive for the team?


Surprise the team. Bring in coffee and donuts one morning, or throw a pizza party for lunch one day. Excellent customer service isn't just for patients -- you should roll out the red carpet for your team, too! Little acts of appreciation go a long way, especially as you move into the final months of the year.


Don't discount your influence. Your attitude, mood and behavior greatly impact the team. If you're upbeat and positive, your team will follow your example. If you're distracted and downbeat, your team's energy will wane as well. Bring your "A" game, and they will do the same!

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