Week in Review: A DSO hygienist's viewpoint | 'Dirty instruments' cause big problems | Judgment against oral surgeon

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If you're looking to start an argument at the holiday dinner table, just bring up the topic of religion or politics. If you're in the dental industry, you can also bring up the subject of dental service organizations (DSOs) in dentistry to liven up the conversation as well.

Let's face it, we have all heard stories and gossip about what it's "really like" to work inside a DSO. At DrBicuspid.com, we decided to cut through all the secondhand talk, however, and ask those inside a DSO directly about their work experiences for a new series.

My chat with an Oklahoma hygienist who works for Aspen Dental is the first in the series and turned into one of our most popular articles of the week. You can read his thoughts on what the "DSO lifestyle" really means to him. You might be surprised by what he has to say about his job.

Also this week, our industry saw yet another reminder of how important infection control is in the dental practice every day and with every patient. A healthcare provider that manages a health clinic in Oregon has admitted that a dentist there used instruments that weren't properly sterilized on six patients in November. Read all the head-shaking details and the problems those instruments have caused.

Finally, the most-read story on our site this week was about an oral surgeon in Virginia and her employer who must pay $625,000 to a 12-year-old girl following third-molar surgery. During the surgery, the patient's lingual nerve was severed, leaving her with lifelong issues, including the inability to taste.

Our goal at DrBicuspid.com is to not only inform you, but also to share stories from around the world that can help you avoid blunders in your own business. As we close out this year, we believe strongly in the power of community and learning from each other. Judging by your comments and clicks, you do as well.

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