Dentist pulls longest tooth ever at 1.5 inches

2019 09 03 21 36 9945 Dental Forceps Tooth 400

The longest tooth ever extracted from a human has been removed by a clinician at a German dental office, according to a report published October 14 in the Swiss Dental Journal.

After the tooth was surgically removed, it was measured and confirmed that the tooth was 37.2 mm or 1.46 inches long. This tooth was slightly larger than the 36.7-mm tooth that was extracted from a student in Gujarat, India, in 2017, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

In the most recent case, a patient who had an abscess of the canine fossa visited the dental office. Due to swelling and to prevent other complications, the clinician knew surgical intervention was needed immediately. Since a previous root canal had failed and it was difficult to access the root tip, the tooth was surgically removed, according to the authors.

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