Axim unveils hemp cannabigerol oral care products

Axim Biotechnologies has debuted its line of oral care and cosmetic products that include cannabigerol (CBG) at this week's Cannabis Economy Global Conference in New York City.

The retail-ready CBG hemp cannabis-infused oral care products include a toothpaste, mouthwash, dentifrice, and oral gel for minor cuts and sores. All the products are tested and free of heavy metals, pesticides, fungi, and bacteria, according to the company.

"We use only pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid products," said George Anastassov, MD, DDS, CEO of Axim Biotechnologies. "There are no irritants. Everything is 100% natural."

"In 2015, these products will come to market and provide cutting-edge health and beauty options for consumers," he added. "The toothpaste market is a $20 billion industry, and the cosmetics market is a $420 billion industry. So we do not consider other brands as our competitors. There's plenty of room to go around."

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