Wisc. dentists lobby against sedation proposal

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A group of Wisconsin dentists called the Concerned Dentists of Wisconsin (CDW) is circulating a petition to encourage the Wisconsin Dentistry Examining Board to not adopt proposed changes to training requirements for dental treatments requiring oral sedation.

Under the newly proposed regulations, future Wisconsin dentists would have to undergo the same rigorous sedation training to provide "moderate oral sedation" as IV sedation-permitted dentists, according to the group. Existing oral sedation permit holders would be "grandfathered" in, however.

The CDW believes that the proposal would raise the cost of dental oral treatments without providing any additional safety or service. Consequently, the higher dental fees will "only drive patients away, especially lower-income patients who often are most in need of sedation dental care," the group said in a statement.

The proposed regulations rubber-stamp guidelines that were approved by the ADA in 2016, the group said. More than 20 states, however, have already elected not to adopt those guidelines and have continued to rely on rules that are similar to those currently in place in Wisconsin, it noted.

"We know of no evidence that under existing Wisconsin dental regulations and standards of care any patient has been seriously injured by an oral sedation dentist who adheres to the in-force rules," CDW said. "By the group's estimate, more than 60,000 Wisconsinites have been safely and effectively treated by dentists practicing under existing permit requirements."

The CDW is asking Wisconsin dentists to add their names to the online petition.

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