Podcast: What new findings on bisphosphonates could mean for your patients

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Bisphosphonates may be commonly prescribed to help slow bone loss, but could these drugs also be causing issues for your patients in terms of their oral health?

A recent investigation into the subject by Izano et al, published December 7, 2020, in JAMA Network Open, revealed some interesting findings on the long-term effectiveness of bisphosphonates. Dental professionals should be aware of these findings, especially when it comes to any jaw pain being reported by your patients.

Tom Viola, RPh, joined me for a recent episode of the Dental Assistant Nation podcast series, powered by IgniteDA, to discuss the research and what it could mean for dental professionals and their patients. Viola also shares why this could provide an opening for medical and dental professionals to work more closely together in 2021.

Listen to the podcast, which lasts just under 10 minutes, by clicking below. If there's a pharmacology-related topic you would like Viola to address in a future podcast, drop me a line at [email protected].

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