Physicians issue consensus on odontogenic sinusitis

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An international research team has issued a consensus statement on diagnosing the underrecognized infection of odontogenic sinusitis (ODS). The review was published online February 17 in the International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology.

ODS is an infection of the paranasal sinuses that can occur from a dental infection or procedures involving the upper jaw. Evidence has shown that clinicians often miss the diagnosis of ODS.

The research team included otolaryngologists and dental specialists from the U.S., Italy, Germany, Lithuania, France, Israel, Japan, and Turkey. The group noted that diagnosing ODS often requires ear, nose, and throat doctors to confirm sinusitis. Meanwhile, dental professionals are needed to confirm maxillary odontogenic pathology, wrote lead author Dr. John R. Craig and colleagues.

Most importantly, they agreed that clinicians in both fields should suspect odontogenic sinusitis based on certain clinical features and refer patients to appropriate providers for disease confirmation.

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