Toothache leads to implant removal from man's skull

Dental Implant Placement

A man with a toothache had emergency surgery after a dentist reportedly mistakenly screwed a dental implant into his jaw and pierced his cranial cavity, according to a story published on April 23 in Metro News.

Ramazan Yilmaz, of Britain, was told he may die during the surgery, but he recovered from the procedure and was discharged from the hospital a few days later.

The 40-year-old father of two plans to take legal action against the dentist, identified as A.D., who placed the implant at a private clinic in Bursa, Turkey. After recognizing the seriousness of the man's implant injury, the dentist reportedly dumped him at a local hospital and fled, according to the story.

Yilmaz visited a dentist in Bursa, who told him he needed several teeth extracted. After the teeth were removed, he attempted to replace them with implants on the same day. During the procedure, the dentist reportedly claimed that he was using a faulty device and began manually forcing the implant into place.

Yilmaz claimed the dentist exerted "excessive force" and eventually he heard a "bone-cracking" sound during the procedure. The dentist purportedly assured him that this was normal and continued to force the screw, piercing the father's jawbone and pushing it into the area behind his eye, where brain and spinal fluid are located, according to the story.

After the screw ended up in his cranium, Yilmaz screamed in agony. The dentist purportedly took an x-ray, realized the severity of the situation, and drove Yilmaz to a local hospital, where the clinician left him.

Before hospital staff began surgery, Yilmaz underwent a computed tomography scan. He underwent an hourslong operation to have the implant removed from his skull, according to the story.

Though he has recovered, Yilmaz's ordeal isn't over. He claims the dentist refuses to refund him for the reportedly botched procedure. The dentist allegedly blamed the problem on a medical complication, according to the story.

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