Aspen Dental teams with OHA on elder oral health

More than 250 Aspen Dental practices in 20 states are teaming up with Oral Health America (OHA) to raise awareness about the oral health issues faced by adults and older Americans.

Slated to run from September 20-24, the initiative is part of OHA's Fall for Smiles campaign, which will promote the importance of self-care, good nutrition, regular dental visits, and tobacco avoidance in maintaining oral health.

"Good oral hygiene and regular dental exams are important at any age. But the mouth, gums, and teeth go through changes as we age, so there are special considerations that adults and seniors should keep in mind when it comes to maintaining oral health," said Arwinder Judge, vice president of clinical support at Aspen Dental Management.

Among the topics to be addressed by the campaign are the link between oral and overall health, common issues faced by denture wearers, and how some over-the-counter and prescription medications can impact oral health. The joint educational initiative will include online resources and media components, as well as discounted services at Aspen Dental practices.

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