Hygienist ranks among top 10 U.S. jobs

Career website Careercast has ranked "dental hygienist" as the 10th best job in the U.S. in its annual list of 200 best jobs -- the second year in a row dental hygienist has landed in the No. 10 spot in the Careercast list.

The website sought to consider the experience of the entire workforce in those positions, not just that of the few who excelled or became exceptional.

Five core criteria were used to arrange the rankings: work environment, physical demands, hiring outlook, income, and stress. "Dental hygienist" fared the best in "hiring outlook" category, which took into account employment growth, income growth potential, and unemployment data. In fact, the hiring outlook was better for this group than for any other occupation in the top 10.

Most of the top jobs required higher education or specialized training with a focus on math, science, or technology. "Software engineer" was ranked as the best, and "roustabout" the worst.

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