Iodine mouthwash treats gingivitis, lowers cholesterol

A new iodine mouthwash was shown to be safe and effective at fighting gingivitis and lowering LDL cholesterol, according to clinical trial results to be presented this week at a meeting of the American Academy of Oral Medicine.

Conducted on behalf of Biomedical Development Corp. (BDC), the three-month, phase II trial was funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. A longer phase II trial is now being conducted and will evaluate gingivitis patients over a six-month period, the company said.

The new trial, conducted by the Center for Oral Health Research at the University of Kentucky, will monitor gingivitis and LDL cholesterol levels.

BDC's mouthwash is designed for use as a once-daily, 30-second oral rinse, and the active ingredient is a proprietary formula based on iodine, according to the company. Iodine helps thyroid functions and appears to play a part in the body's immune response system, according to a fact sheet from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Dietary Supplements. It is also known to be effective in inactivating viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Although further study is required, the researchers said that BDC's oral rinse may eventually prove to be an important tool for good oral health and keeping cardiovascular systems healthy.

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