AACD 2015: QuickSplint touts interim bite plane

SAN FRANCISCO - QuickSplint is showing its multipurpose, custom-fit, interim bite plane this week at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry's (AACD) 31st Annual Scientific Session.

The product, also called QuickSplint, is an interim solution that shields teeth and dental work from parafunctional teeth clenching. This allows the pericranial musculature to relax overnight, according to the company.

"I am using QuickSplint for cosmetic cases," said John Weston, DDS, a course instructor and lecturer at this year's AACD meeting, in a press release. "This includes everything from recording open bite centric occlusion records to provisional protection and final prosthesis protection."

QuickSplint is designed to be worn at night and removed in the morning for a period of up to six weeks, or until the patient no longer needs it or is transitioned to a permanent appliance.

For those attending AACD 2015, QuickSplint will be exhibiting in booth No. 1824.

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