Latest beauty trend for lips may come with demonic twist

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Devil lips, a look allegedly achieved when lip fillers add pointed edges to the rim of a mouth, is the latest must-have beauty treatment in Russia. Though the method has gotten many likes and shares on social media, it also has gotten its fair share of criticism and skepticism.

This beauty fad, which also has been referred to as octopus lips, gained momentum when its alleged creator of the technique, Russian plastic surgeon Emelian Braude, uploaded a preview on his Instagram account on November 22. Since the private post was shared a few days later, it has gained about 3,000 likes, and people across the web can't stop talking about it.

So far, the trend hasn't made it to the U.S., but it has gotten many people there talking about whether the medically altered lips were legit, achieved through cleverly applied makeup, or just a photoshopped hoax.

Braude has claimed that he injects fillers to the outer rim of a person's lips, creating a wave or horn-like appearance.

However, some cosmetic dentists have weighed in, noting that the border of a person's lips can be enhanced and contoured, but they cannot be made in the shape that can be seen all over the internet.

Some have even gone as far to say that injecting lips to try and achieve this look may be dangerous. Shooting a filler into the wrong place, could result in long-term damage or even death if it was mistakenly injected into a blood vessel.

However, the only way to judge is to check out the below Instagram post.

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