Bisco introduces new tooth etchants

Bisco Dental Products has released two new etchants designed for use in etching tooth structure prior to bonding.

Uni-Etch and Etch-37 are offered with the antimicrobial agent benzalkonium chloride in a 30-mL bulk syringe system, the company said. The two new products are 32% and 37% semigel phosphoric acid etchants, respectively.

Uni-Etch and Etch-37 will allow practitioners to etch enamel and dentin prior to bonding, and they are specifically formulated to be easier to apply to large surface areas. They are also designed to be cleaning agents for restorative substrates, producing the microretentive surface needed for successful bonding.

The new products are also available in 5-gram syringes packaged in a quantity of four.

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