Restoratives & Cosmetics Insider: Can desensitizers ease sensitivity from tooth bleaching?

Dear Restoratives & Cosmetics Insider,

Using calcium-containing bioactive desensitizers with dental whitening doesn't reduce the risk of tooth sensitivity, but they can decrease the intensity, according to a systematic review published on January 28 in the Journal of the American Dental Association. Read more in our Insider Exclusive.

Did you know static computer-aided implant surgery offers benefits compared to conventional procedures, including that it may help combat antibiotic resistance? New technologies allow for virtual planning and computer-aided execution of dental implants, making the process faster, less invasive, and more accurate, according to a letter published in the International Dental Journal.

Also, in our Restoratives & Cosmetics Community, patients' craniofacial features may predict whether oral appliance therapy will reduce their obstructive sleep apnea. Read our story to find out which patients are less likely to see improvements by wearing a mandibular advancement device.

In other news, the owner of a snap-on veneers lab has filed a defamation lawsuit in U.S. court against a Missouri dentist who warned viewers in an online video about this type of temporary prosthetic.

Finally, nondestructive short-wave infrared reflectance and optical coherence tomography can safely monitor the activity of secondary caries. The findings were published in the Journal of Biomedical Optics.

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