Smart mouthguards debut at 2024 Guinness Six Nations


Instrumented mouthguard technology, which offers in-game alerts that players need a head injury assessment, was introduced at the 2024 Guinness Men's Six Nations rugby tournament that kicked off in Scotland.

For the first time, rugby players wore custom-fitted smart mouthguards, enabling the independent pitchside medical team to promptly assess players who may have experienced head acceleration events thereby ensuring quick and appropriate medical attention, according to a story published on February 12 by Guinness Six Nations. 

The incorporation of the technology, which made its debut at the match in Edinburgh with Scotland facing off against Franceinto the existing head injury assessment protocol marks a significant enhancement in player protection. 

The technology has undergone extensive development in collaboration with World Rugby. The introduction of the mouthguards into the Guinness Six Nations rugby competition reflects collaboration among the six unions, leagues, clubs, and players, emphasizing a shared objective to support the game and its participants, according to the story. 

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