New BleachBright teeth-whitening system works while tanning

BleachBright has launched its latest teeth-whitening product, the UV Teeth-Whitening System. The system is designed to work by exposure to ultraviolet light from tanning beds and the sun.

The product is applied to the teeth right before setting out to "catch the perfect tan," the company said in a press release.

"People love to whiten their teeth, and they love to get a tan," explains Tony Mounce, co-founder of BleachBright. "Now they can do both at the same time. Not only do they come out of the sun with a glow, but their teeth will also have a shiny new look."

The whitening system utilizes a 12% hydrogen peroxide whitening formula that is specially designed to be activated by the UV rays generated by tanning beds or natural sunlight, according to BleachBright, which claims the system whitens teeth up to two to six shades with few tanning sessions.

Each starter kit contains the specially formulated gel, a mouthpiece, shade guide, and leather carrying case and provides 15 to 20 applications, the company said.

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