Whiter Image targets dental market with ToGo pen

Whiter Image, a teeth-whitening company with an established business in the spa and salon market, has set its sights on dentistry and orthodontics.

Whiter Image has developed retail products and chairside teeth-whitening products, including the ToGo teeth-whitening pen and the ChicFlic ToGo teeth-whitening pen and lip plumper. The company is now marketing these products to dental and orthodontic offices.

"These professionals are tired of the same teeth-whitening products available through distributors and other companies that are often bland in terms of eye appeal and are challenging to administer," said Keith Rodbell, founding partner of Whiter Image, in a press release. The ToGo products deliver style and branding at an affordable price without compromising the professional teeth-whitening results expected from these dental professionals, according to the company.

Whiter Image has positioned the products for direct retail to patients but also as gifts for return visits, recalls, and promotional items. The company also offers a promotional DVD for offices to use in their reception areas.

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