2 teeth-whitening companies merge

RightSmile, a supplier of cosmetic laser teeth-whitening products, has signed a letter of intent to acquire Revodent. Revodent supplies manufacturers with components for teeth-whitening solutions and also produces products for use in the dental, salon/retail, and Internet markets.

The acquisition is expected to increase RightSmile's 2010 year-end revenue by $500,000 or more, according to the company. The acquisition also gives RightSmile a stronger platform to build both the SmileShoppe and private-label markets and jump directly into retail and Internet sales, the company noted. RightSmile will also acquire other brand names produced by Revodent, including UltraBright USA, Revolution Whitening, and Stay White, plus an established customer base in Mexico and France.

"We are looking forward to not only the obvious added revenue stream, but to the manufacturing, sourcing, cost savings, and additional technology and know-how that we will receive as part of this transaction," said Gene Caiazzo, CEO of RightSmile.

Robert I. Prince, CEO of Revodent, and other key employees have agreed to stay on for at least a year to assist in the transition, according to the company.

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