Whitening booth busted at Okla. fair; periodontitis ups leukoplakia risk

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

A vendor selling tooth-whitening treatments at the Tulsa State Fair has been slapped with a restraining order filed by the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry.

The order was granted by state authorities October 2 after investigators found that the individuals operating the booth and providing the whitening services were not licensed to practice dentistry or dental hygiene in Oklahoma. Click here for details.

In a related Cosmetics Community feature, a Michigan start-up is using a unique approach to in-home tooth whitening that features a proprietary gel and a light-emitting diode light source -- at a reasonable price compared to in-office procedures. Read more.

In other news, state governments across the U.S. are working to set up healthcare exchanges and develop insurance benefit mandates that are in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. In Kansas, the process has hit a snag after Gov. Sam Brownback rejected the recommendations of the state insurance commissioner -- including how to handle pediatric dental benefits.

And in Oral Cancer & Diagnostics Community news, studies show the majority of oral cancer cases are preceded by clinically evident, potentially malignant disorders, the most common of which is leukoplakia. Now a team of German researchers has found that periodontitis increases the risk of developing oral leukoplakia and mucosal lesions that are predisposed to become oral cancer.

Click here to learn more, including how this research provides new insights into the complex relationship between systemic and local disease.

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