Zyppah oral appliance treats sleep apnea in 2 ways

The Zyppah hybrid oral appliance is a new device that takes a different approach to treating snoring and sleep apnea.

Developed by a biomedical engineer and dentist who has studied sleep apnea and snoring since 2001, the Zyppah allows the individual to sleep in any position, fits comfortably inside the mouth, and holds the tongue in place, according to the company.

The differentiating aspect of the device is that it combines two treatments: mandibular advancement and stabilization of the tongue. Together these actions prevent the tongue from obstructing the airflow, the primary cause of snoring.

Clinical pre- and postsleep studies have shown significant improvement in the quality of patients' sleep and their ability to perform after using the Zyppah, according to the company.

A more robust version is available for doctors and dentists to prescribe for sleep apnea. The professional version of the Zyppah has a wide elastic band and four adjustment settings to allow increased advancement of the jaw based on the level of sleep apnea. The consumer version, for snoring only, has a slim elastic band and is not adjustable.

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