Dental Resource Systems updates TruDenta

Dental Resource Systems has enhanced its TruDenta system -- used to assess, treat, and manage force imbalances in the mouth -- to provide more benefits to patients and the dental practices that treat them.

The TruDenta system's patented assessment and treatment technology and software are supplemented by extensive clinical training and ongoing practice implementation assistance for relieving disorders related to dental force, according to the company.

The new upgrades include the TekScan TScan 8 software for enhanced assessment of dental forces and a low-level laser therapy device. The system also now features the TruDenta M microcurrent electrostimulator, which is utilized to treat multiple pain areas and reduce patient pain symptoms caused by dentomandibular sensorimotor dysfunction.

The TruDenta training, online education, and clinical workshops hosted at University of Nevada Las Vegas and Nova Southeastern dental schools now allow the dentist, registered dental hygienist, and registered dental assistant to each receive continuing education credit. In addition, all training materials, including manuals and interactive videos, are now available in the iBook format.

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