Smartphone app targets orthodontic patients

Mighty Brace is a new HIPAA-compliant smartphone app and educational software suite created by an orthodontist to enhance patient compliance.

Mighty Brace, which debuted May 21, uses an interactive touchscreen to teach patients proper oral hygiene techniques and dietary guidelines through videos, game play, and opportunities for rewards. It also allows doctors to monitor home care remotely, the company noted in a press release.

"Smart dental hygiene needs to be a lifestyle choice, and the best way to help our children follow through with this decision successfully is to integrate oral care with a digital solution like Mighty Brace, which speaks the same language as today's generation," said Mighty Brace creator David Hime, DDS.

Mighty Brace currently offers three products:

  • Mighty Brace Pro ($499) is for in-office use only and provides orthodontists with a kid-friendly, self-paced, animated video instruction on proper oral hygiene and diet.

  • Mighty Brace Home is a free download for iOS devices and is meant to keep patients involved and engaged between visits. With this app, patients have access to the Mighty Brace game, through which they can earn certificates of achievement and compete with other patients in the same office for top place on the leader board. It also allows patients to take pictures of their teeth, ask questions directly to their orthodontist, and receive regularly scheduled reminders.

  • Mighty Brace Web ($499/year) is a subscription-based communication hub that connects the orthodontist office with their patients. All communications are HIPAA-compliant and are stored on the Mighty Brace servers.

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